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ZeroWater ZP-010 10-Cup Pitcher Water Filter

The ZeroWater ZP-010 Pitcher Water Filter is a 10-cup reservoir that comes with ZeroWater’s patented 5-stage dual-ion exchange filtration system. It is certified to remove major water contaminants like lead, chromium and mercury. The pitcher is designed with convenience and space-saving goals in mind. It also has a smart TDS meter that tells you the level of TDS present in the water. Get more details of the ZeroWater ZP-010 Pitcher Water Filter.

ZeroWater happens to be the only filtration system that comes close to the FDA’s definition of what bottled water is.  That means a filter system that turns tap water into bottled water, right at your very home!  This is good news for the environment, since the very idea of reducing and even eliminating the use of plastic water bottles is a big boon to environmental campaigns.

The pitcher comes with a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids" ) meter, which is battery-operated.  This meter makes it easy to test the purity of the filtered tap water.  The batteries are 1.5-volt cell batteries which are already included when you buy the pitcher, and are easily replaced.

How long does the filter last?  It depends on the quality of the water in your area.  The TDS meter will show a higher ppm number if you are in an area where the water has high contaminants (check the TDS reading in your area here).  When the ppm is high at the TDS meter, then the filter will be changed more often.  When the meter reads “006” it is time to replace it.  Ideally, the filter can process 25-40 gallons of water before it has to be replaced.

What happens when you continue to use the filter even when the TDS meter says it should be replaced?  You will drink water that tastes very acidic.  Unlike other pitcher water filter products, wherein the water just tastes less fresh when the filter life has lapsed, the ZeroWater filter will make your water taste acidic – a firm reminder that you should replace the filter as soon as possible.

In appearance, the pitcher has a sleek design and is easy to store in the refrigerator.  There is a dispenser at the end of the pitcher’s handle that allows you to get your water without the pitcher ever being taken out of the refrigerator.  The plastic part of the pitcher is also BPA-free.

As to the taste of the filtered water produced by this pitcher, it tastes clean, fresh and crisp.  It has no hint of flavor that comes from chlorinated water or even a metallic taste.

On the downside, the spout at the bottom of the handle can be an inconvenience sometimes.  It pours water very slowly and for people in a hurry this can be a hassle.   The fill rate from the top of the container is also very slow.  It takes around 10-15 minutes to completely fill the pitcher with filtered water.

Installing the filter for the first time is a bit tricky.  The filter is not slide-able, you have to screw it from the bottom up to put it properly in place.

If you try to fill the pitcher with water, there is around one inch of water that stays on the top chamber of the pitcher, which is unfiltered.  You can solve this by not filling the top of the pitcher completely with water.  Or you can lift the top compartment several inches up to get maximum space for your filtered water.

Overall, for quality and affordability, ZeroWater’s pitcher water filter is one of the best in the market.   The ability to purify tap water from a very high ppm to zero is pretty amazing.  The taste of the water is as fresh as it can be.  It is indeed bottled water in a pitcher.

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