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What is Removed by Using a Pitcher Water Filter?


Before buying any type of water filter, people often choose effectiveness as the highest criteria for consideration. An effective water filter removes contaminants and impurities. So what is removed by using a pitcher water filter?


The number of impurities filtered out by pitcher water filters is quite huge. One of these independently-tested impurities is Fluoride. Research has shown that these filters have the capacity to filter up to 90% of fluoride.


Water filters are specially designed to use activated carbon technology which is very effective in water filtration. When water passes through the loose carbon granules in the filter, the positive charge in carbon attracts impurities. It is through this process that impurities such as chlorine are removed from the water. The chlorine taste in water is reduced, making the water regain its natural taste.

Heavy Materials

Pitcher water filters differ in the type of carbon that they use. Some use loose carbon granules while other use compact/ block carbon filters. These filters work differently when it comes to substances such as lead, mercury and other heavy materials. Research has shown that loose carbon granules are only able to reduce the amounts of lead in water but are not able to remove all the lead. This is different when it comes to block carbon filters as they are able to remove 53 contaminants.


Water filters need to be changed over time. This is because impurities in water keep on changing. For instance, a place that had water with low impurities may see these impurities increasing due to the traces of pharmaceuticals over time. Pharmaceuticals that are consumed by people can make their way into the water system through urination and other processes. These materials can increase to dangerous levels, hence the need to have improved carbon-activated pitcher water filters that filter approximately 95% of drugs including hormones, pain relievers and seizure medicine.

Your needs will always determine the type of filter for your home. Having a test run on your water should be the very first step. This is to ensure that you are getting the right filter that will work on the kind of water in your area. Some water will only contain fluoride while some will have all sorts of contaminants. Some people may find ordinary filters to be enough for their home needs while others may require investing heavily on the most advanced water filters.

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