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Top Pitcher Water Filter Brands


In the search for the perfect pitcher water filter, you will be flooded with an endless choice of products that can leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused.  The products vary in style, size, capacity, material, color, functions, features, unique functions… the list goes on.

To spare you the bewildering search for the perfect pitcher water, we have narrowed down the list of options for you to choose from.  We picked only the products from the best and leading manufacturers of pitcher water filters.  These industry leaders provide the highest-quality products that combine stunning designs with reliable and proven functionalities.   You will find our review of their products helpful in choosing the pitcher water filter that’s right for you.
What began as a simple idea from a small town in Germany became an international success.   Entrepreneur Heinz Hankammer dreamt of optimizing the potential of ordinary tap water and named his product after his daughter.

Today, Brita is considered a world market leader for home water filtration products.  Over the years, Brita has also shown its commitment to the campaign to replace plastic water bottles with filtration systems like the pitcher water filter, aiming to reduce plastic waste and make a big defense for the environment

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Mavea is the next generation of water filtration systems from its successful parent company -- Brita.  Mavea products are well-crafted and follow the same commitment to quality as Brita.  Their household water filtration systems are made with imagination, precision and a love of detail.   Their products are perfectly made for customers who look for clean, safe and stylish water filtration for their homes.

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PUR believes that clean drinking water is the foundation of good health. PUR uses the MAXION Technology to convert ordinary tap water into clean, fresh-tasting drinking water.  MAXION is PUR's unique formulation approach that blends carbon and ion exchange materials to achieve maximum contaminant reduction.

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ZeroWater is the only water filtration system in the market that removes 99.6% of total dissolved solids (TDS).   Zero Technologies developed the ZeroWater Filtration System to deliver the best filtration possible.   ZeroWater‘s filter has received numerous certifications from NSF International and the Water Quality Association.

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Pitcher Water Filter Brands