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PUR CR-4000 5-Cup Pitcher Water Filter

The PUR CR-4000 5-Cup Pitcher Water Filter is slim, easy to handle, and gives clean, filtered water. PUR has put its cutting-edge filter technology into this pitcher, giving it the ability to remove microbial cysts by 99.9%. Get more details of the PUR CR-4000 5-Cup Pitcher Water Filter.

In action, this pitcher is indeed easy to use.  The slim design makes handling it easy.  What’s even nicer is that de-assembling its various parts is equally easy!  This frees you from the hassle when it’s time to clean the pitcher.   The spout is designed for easy pouring, even to tiny glasses or small bottles.  The spout is designed so that when you pour, your thumb automatically holds the lid.

The speed with which the filter works and purifies water is pretty quick.  In no time at all, the filtered water tastes better with no taste and odor of chlorine and other impurities.

This compact pitcher fits well in tiny refrigerators, which may be the reason why many happy customers of this pitcher water filter are dormitory and university students.  And even if your refrigerator is a large or a constantly-packed one, the sleek shape of this pitcher ensures that it will always have a space inside.

On the down side, the shape tends to be unstable.  The base of the pitcher is wider on top and narrower at the bottom.  When filled with water up to the top of the container, spilling incidents mayoccur.   To solve this, be sure to handle the pitcher very carefully.

Some people may find this pitcher quite small for their needs, as this only holds up to five 8-oz glasses of water.  The filter will process impurities for up to 640 glasses or 40 gallons of water -, before it has to be replaced.

All in all, this pitcher water filter‘s compact size is a perfect fit for small refrigerators and for people with small water requirements.  The water it filters tastes very fresh, clean and good.  And when you consider the really affordable price tag, this is a really good alternative to bottled water.

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