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PUR 11-Cup Pitcher Water Filter With LED

It’s PUR, it’s large, it filters water effectively, and it comes with an electronic LED indicator. This is the PUR 11-Cup Pitcher Water Filter with LED. With the same technology built into every PUR water filtration product, this one hits the right marks of quality. Get more details of the PUR 11-Cup Pitcher Water Filter.

At first glance, this pitcher’s clear blue and white casing is sleek and designed along clean utilitarian lines. It is slender enough to save space in your kitchen and compact enough to even fit in your refrigerator door. This, despite the fact, that this is an 11-cup-sized pitcher, a larger-than-average size for a pitcher water filter product. That’s 88 oz of filtered water with every full pitcher.

Yes, this pitcher water filter is one of the bigger pitchers in the market. This will provide you with continuous filtered water all throughout the day, if you’re a single individual that observes the”drink 8-glasses a day” health regimen. If you’re a family, then this pitcher will supply you with clean water at every meal and more.

The disadvantage of this size, though, is that it can be heavy when full. It is not heavy in an impossible-to-lift kind of way, but rather that you will really feel the weight when you pick it up. You have to be careful in pouring the water so as not to slosh it around – this pitcher is not featherweight when full.

The pitcher’s spout is narrow, enough so that water doesn’t spill everywhere when pouring. The compartments that separate the filtered area and the non-filtered area are designed such that you can pour filtered water with no leak coming from the unfiltered part. There is a flip-top opening in the top cover of the pitcher, which makes it easy to fill the pitcher with tap water without having to twist open the entire lid.

We find the built-in LED light indicator a cool feature of this pitcher water filter. It works to tell you when to change the filter. It will flash green to indicate the filter life is still in normal condition. It will blink yellow when the filter is nearing its end-life. And it will alert you with a red color when the filter is kaput and needs to be replaced.

There have been customer’s reports of the LED light not working properly upon arrival of the newly-purchased pitcher water filter. If you have such a case, you can contact PUR’s customer service. They can work with you to either send you a replacement pitcher or compensate for the defect by sending you some replacement filters. In any case, you can work around this issue by using the stick-on label that comes with each filter. Or you can rely on your taste buds to tell you when it is time to change filters – when the water tastes bad, then that may mean the filter is no longer filtering contaminants. Ideally, one filter will provide up to 40 gallons of filtered water before it conks out, or a time-period of 2 months depending on how hard or contaminated your water is.

PUR’s water filtration system works as expected. The carbon-activated water filter removes 95% of mercury, reduces the taste and odor of chlorine, but retains beneficial fluoride.   Furthermore, 96% of trace-level pharmaceuticals are removed from your water, and PUR claims theirs is the only pitcher water level that has been tested and found to do so.

With majority of water contaminants filtered by this pitcher water filter, it’s as effective as your fridge filter, faucet filter or large filter dispensers. It’s actually a little work horse that is cheaper, portable and can even accessorize your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom in the house.

With such quality water filtration system, this pitcher water filter transforms ordinary tap water, with all its pollutants and unpleasant taste and smell, into clean water that incredibly tastes delicious and refreshing. There is literally no after-taste of any chemical or pollutant that your taste buds can detect.   It tastes like, and perhaps even better, than the water that comes in plastic water bottles. This is a very good thing for two reasons. First, you save a lot of money from buying those expensive bottled water, and second, you give the environment a helping hand by preventing empty water bottles from going into the landfill. Click here to know the difference between filtered water and bottled water.

All in all, the PUR LED 11-Cup Pitcher Water Filter lives up to PUR’s reputation of providing good water filter system. The filtered water tastes good and refreshing, with none of the unpleasant taste of tap water. We recommend this pitcher for a household that consumes a lot of water daily, and can be a constant source of clean water for use in drinking, cooking, and even as the base for coffee or tea.

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