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Mavea Marella Kompakt 5-Cup Pitcher Water Filter

The Mavea Marella Kompakt 5-Cup Pitcher Water Filter is a really good find – a dynamo wrapped in a small and nice-looking package. It delivers what it is designed to do – look great, filter quickly and effectively, clean the water, and satisfy customers. Get more details of the Mavea Marella Kompakt 5-Cup Pitcher Water Filter.

From the German water filtration expert Mavea, Marella Kompakt sports a European design, very sleek, slim-looking and elegant. You will be immediately attracted to the clear container and nice green color, which is a very distinctive Mavea style. This pitcher water filter only holds 5 cups of water and can fit perfectly inside your refrigerator door, or on bedside tables and office desks. Due to its really pleasing aesthetics, it can be blend in with other room decorations like vases, glasses and other ornaments.

As for function, the Marella Kompakt pitcher water filter utilizes the Maxtra advanced filter technology, Mavea’s fast, clean and safe way to filter water. The Maxtra technology uses a micro-screen that lessens the release of black particles into water. The filter is quickly activated without the need for pre-soaking.

Additional features of this little dynamo are the easy-to-use flip-top lid, the time-based meter that alerts the user when it is time to change the filter, and the material which is BPA-free.

Back to the slim and compact design, the Marella Kompakt pitcher water filter is perfect for a single individual or two people. For families of more than that, you will still find this pitcher useful to place in your bedside table, bathroom or countertops. If you are a frequent water drinker, you will find yourself refilling this little pitcher more frequently. The bright side is that since it is small, it fits in fridge doors quite easily. It also weighs lightly and has an easy-grip handle, which kids can easily lift and hold, and even old people with arthritic and not-so-nimble fingers.

The Marella Kompakt pitcher water filter is very easy to setup. After unpacking the product, all there is to it is to install the filter and fill up the pitcher. Initially, run the filter through two full pitchers of water, dump these out, and then filter a third pitcher. The first full pitcher will filter very slowly. Not to worry, since the filter is still getting activated. The second filtration process will be much faster. The third pitcher will take no more than 5 minutes, and by this time, you have completed activation of the filter and can drink this water safely. And from then on, 2-3 minutes will be the expected filtration time for this pitcher water filter.

The lid in the opening is a neat trick because it prevents spillage of unfiltered water to the filtered section of the pitcher. There is a partition between the filtered and unfiltered water that makes it possible to pour a drink of filtered water without waiting for the water to be fully filtered. The lid is very secure and will not come off during pouring. The hole in the lid also makes it possible for you to refill without removing the top. The lid is a flip-top: you need to place your thumb directly into the opening tab for the lid to open during refilling.

As for the finished product which is, of course, the filtered water, we give this pitcher water filter an A for giving crisp and fresh-tasting water. Customers living in areas with high contaminants will certainly approve of this, since the water that comes out of this pitcher water filter has no traces of chlorine, metal or any chemical taste or odor.  Rarely, if ever, will you notice little black particles in your filtered water, looking like powdered or crushed charcoal. If this happens, allow for some refills and these will eventually go away. The filter will last for 2-3 months depending on your use and the impurities in your location.

The water meter works well to let you know when it is time to replace your filter. There are customer-reported cases, however, of broken or problematic meter indicators. When the filter meter breaks for some reason, such as when water or water vapor gets into it, it can stop working. In that case, you can raise this to Mavea Customer Support for replacement. Or you can rely on your taste-buds to tell you: when your filtered water tastes like tap water again, then it is probably time to replace the filter. Still on filter meter indicators, wouldn’t it be nice to have the meter tell how many glasses or quantity of water have been filtered, rather than the time that passed?

Mavea has a Filter Take-Back and Recycle Program which we encourage customers to avail of. This is part of Mavea’s increasingly satisfying customer support, wherein they take back your filters (with a minimum of 6 filters in one shipping) and recycle them again. You simply download a shipment label from Mavea and drop your filters in the mail. No charge. Their customer support, as a whole, also responds quickly to various issues you raise to them – from filter replacement to product defects and replacement.

If you’re tired of purchasing expensive bottled water and leaving a huge carbon footprint, why not try the Mavea Marella Kompakt? You will not be disappointed with the choices of colors and design. It does an excellent job of filtering water for an affordable price. Just follow the instructions that comes with the product and you will end up with great-tasting clean water.

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