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Mavea Elemaris XL 9-Cup Pitcher Water Filter

The Mavea Elemaris Pitcher Water Filter is one of the best-selling and well-received pitcher water filters in the market. It has easy and convenient features built into it, such as the easy-grip handle, the pour-through lid, the no-scratch base, and the digital filter change indicator. Add to that the advanced water filtration technology combined with pleasing design aesthetics and you get good value for your money. Get more details of the Mavea Elemaris Pitcher Water Filter.

The Mavea Elemaris Pitcher Water Filter has a capacity of 9 cups.  It comes in various colors and the design is classic European.   The best feature we like about the Elemaris is that it needs no pre-soaking the filter to activate it.  Once you have setup the product, it is ready to use.  The Elemaris filter is activated fast.  One of the reasons probably is that there is a micro-screen in the filter which reduces the release of the charcoal-like carbon particles into the water.

The Mavea Elemaris Pitcher Water Filter is equipped with trademark Mavea technology that takes out the bad components in ordinary tap water, such as the distinctive taste and odor of chlorine, and the presence of heavy metals like mercury and copper and even agricultural chemicals which may get into the water such as atrazine and simazine.  At the same time, the filter leaves in the good elements which are also present in water, such as calcium and silica, some amounts of magnesium, potassium, and chlorides and bicarbonates.

Another good feature of the Elemaris is the pour-through lid.  It makes water refills quick and easy.  The lid is designed so that water pressure works to open the lid, and it “intelligently” swings close when the flow of water stops, indicating that the pitcher is fully refilled.  That is certainly a small but significant plus when you’re in a hurry or have no time to spare for the tedious task of removing the entire lid to refill.

The Elemaris also comes with a smart filter-change indicator.  This nifty add-on leaves the guesswork out of when to change your filter.  It tips you off when it’s time to replace the filter, smartly calculating the length of time that the filter has been in use, together with the volume of your water consumption and your water quality.

A drawback of the Elemaris is that it seems top-heavy because of the design.  It can be heavy when full, and may be difficult to lift by people with weak hands or small children.  You may need both your hands to carry a completely-filled pitcher.

All in all, the Mavea Elemaris Pitcher Water Filter offers better performance well above the rest.  Your water will certainly taste better, fresher and cleaner.  The smart innovations make this a good choice for filtering your tap water, and at the same time save you money that you would otherwise spend on the more expensive water bottles. Click here for the difference between filtered water and bottled water.

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