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How do Products Become NSF-Certified?


The purchase of pitcher water filters involves a lot of research. During this research, you will always come across the little blue NSF certification mark. The National Sanitation Foundation is a public health organization concerned with setting health regulations and educating people on public health. The internationally-accredited organization is an authority when it comes to certification of products and equipments used by the public.

Products Certification Process

The NSF has strict measures that must be adhered to. For the certification of any product, it must prove to be corrosion-resistant, non-absorbent, resistant to damage and easy to clean, among other things. These factors are ascertained through a process which is initiated by the application and submission of information by product manufacturers.

NSF will then evaluate the products by subjecting them to laboratory tests. This is followed by the inspection of the manufacturing facility where the products are made. Finally, the results are reviewed. If NSF finds the results satisfactory, a contract on the list of products is signed, giving the company the certification to manufacture and distribute these products.

Once a product has been certified, the manufacturer can use the NSF certification symbol on the product packaging. The NSF symbol tells buyers what products are certified.

NSF is not only tasked with certifying products but also ensuring that the certification standards are maintained. This is achieved through regular inspections. Normally, these are annual inspections which seek to demonstrate that the company is complying with the international safety standards and regulations. The inspections also show whether the manufacturer is committed the safety and quality of their products. This ensures that the credibility of the company is not dented in any way and the consumers are getting the right product.

NSF certified products may either have the blue internationally recognized logo, the NSF logo with a C and US underneath or both. The latter indicates that the product has met the set safety standards in Canada and the United States. The blue logo has been in existence for over 70 years and a more intricately designed logo may be introduced any time soon.
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