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Brita 10-Cup Everyday Pitcher Water Filter

The Brita 10-cup Everyday Pitcher Water Filter is the best-selling pitcher in the market. The pitcher is designed along classic and simple lines. It may look really ordinary at first glance – clean white and oval, but this pitcher is a workhorse in terms of function and durability. Get more details of the Brita 10-cup Everyday Pitcher Water Filter.

This product is highly recommended for first-time users.  It is easy to setup and can be ready for use in just a few steps.  Long-time users of pitcher water filters will also appreciate the robust performance of this smartly-made product.

This pitcher is large – it can fill up to 10 cups or 800 ounces of water.  When put inside the refrigerator, it surprisingly takes up less space than expected.  It comes with one water filter made of activated carbon and ion-exchange resin.  This nondescript filter can reduce the taste of chlorine in your tap water, and remove the odor of zinc, copper, mercury and cadmium.  User feedback highlights how fresh the filtered water tasted using this pitcher.  The filter can replace up to 300 standard 16.9-ounce water bottles.  That is a lot of savings in money and is helping the environment to boot!

The sticker filter indicator is very convenient in tracking when to change the water filter.   The sticker can be placed on the pitcher itself, or you can stick it on your refrigerator.   The recommended time to replace the water filter is every 2 months, depending on how frequently you use the pitcher water filter to consume water.

Bits of charcoal may get into the filtered water at the first few uses of the pitcher.   Soak the filter for about 15 minutes in cold water before using it.  After 15 minutes the filter should be rinsed in running water and inserted into the reservoir.  Make sure to line up the grooved part of the filter with the reservoir’s notch.  Then add tap water.  If the carbon dust or charcoal particles still appear, discard the tap water in the pitcher.  Keep repeating this process until no more particles are present.

Do not overfill the top with water.  There shouldn’t be any water in the top white part of the pitcher.  Only the transparent part of the pitcher should be filled with water, otherwise there is a potential for the water to leak when you pour it out.

Overall, the Brita Everyday Pitcher Water Filter is recommended for its affordability, ease-of-use, and ability to provide fresh-tasting clean water.

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